Her introduction: "My name is Christin McMasters. I’m a millennial Constitutionalist from Charleston, SC, now residing in NC. I hold a Ph.D. in political science, but I’m not your typical academic. I actually LOVE this country and LOVE liberty and will fight for it at all costs. I need your help just as you need mine. Let’s fight for liberty. We still can. So we must.

My goal with this liberty loving blog is education. I seek to arm fellow lovers of liberty with knowledge, knowledge that is painfully lacking and desperately needed. Knowledge first and foremost of the Constitution. The Constitution is our government’s job description and we are the government’s employers. How can we hold our government accountable to their job if we don’t even know their job description?"

"These courses are not listed in any particular order of importance. After looking at each one of the courses listed, choose one which has the personality most appealing to you. Even better take each course, over time. They all have something worthwhile to say and each says it in a different way. Many of these courses teach you to become a trainer or teacher in the Constitution yourself, using their system. Perhaps you’ll find your new avocation, doing your part in restoring our Republic. Have fun! Put together for your convenience by Kaye Lynn Peterson."