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(This study is an introduction to our Heritage)

This study is designed to be interesting, easy to understand, and presented in a way that will be exciting and educational for everyone from a ten-year-old to an adult. All ages will benefit and obtain information that they either never received because of a defunct education system, or have forgotten. Everyone will benefit by having an action plan to take back our Republic.

America is a great nation with an extraordinary past. America’s founding principles—in addition to the stories of her trials, tribulations and triumphs in pursuit of them—have helped to unite Americans for nearly 250 years.

(This course is an introduction to our Founding Documents)

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be… An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight. It is, therefore, imperative that the nation see to it that a suitable education be provided for all its citizens.”

America has lost her way and has become apathetic and unless we can (1)throw off the shackles of dependency in big government, (2)acknowledge God, (3)learn of His principles and (4)take on the responsibility of self-government; liberty will be lost to history once again, perhaps forever.

(This course is an introduction to American History and how we lost control)

Civics is the study of the great theoretical and practical aspects of citizenship, its rights and duties; the duties of people to each other as members of a political body. It includes the study of natural law, aka common law; and civil code that control the behavior of our servants, not the people, and the study of government with the attention on the consent of the people in the operation and oversight of government.

This free course covers American History, the Constitution, Common Law, History of the Jury and the Hidden History of America. This course is about 120 hours, with 159 parts and about 600 questions. Each part will have a a few questions, you must have all the questions for each part right to proceed. if you get any wrong you will need to review the part in question to find the correct answer in order to proceed.

*You may find it convenient to have a copy of all the content in the Civics Course. It is available here.

(This course prepares us for Government by Consent)

The purpose of this course is to educate People as to how we can have "government by consent". It will introduce you to our founding documents that will allow you to see how simple our founding documents are to understand, don’t believe the lie that you need a lawyer to understand, that’s only maintaining your status as slave.

This is a "required course" if you are planning to take on a paid position as "Jury Administrator" in your county or become an "Elected Committeeman" for your election district. This course will cover everything an American should know. It will teach People how to become a Jury Administrator, a Committeeman, file a court case, how to move a case into federal court and much, much, more.


(This course instructs us on the Militia of the Several States)

Our common-law freedoms cannot last without our Constitution-limited government. In fact, our Constitution assumes—based upon hard lessons learnt—that only the Militia of the several States can limit government—finally and in fact. No. Electing new men to office will never do the job. This our Forebears knew; thus our Constitution assumes throughout its parts the Militia of the several States and includes four clear Militia Clauses to arrange these Militias’ workings. But over the last 175 years Americans have not only neglected these Clauses but have also forgotten that the Militia of the several States is the People themselves; as such, no decree of government can do away with these Militia any more than it can do away with the People.

A fantastic foundational study.

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Liberty First Society is a unique education in the history and application of the Constitution of the United States. So often our history classes start teaching the Constitution with the history of 1776 or even later.

The foundation of our Constitution goes deeper than that.

Without examining the context that gave America its principles and its founding documents, we cannot understand the true nature of Liberty, the foundation of our Constitutional Republic.

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The road to restoring our Republic will not be easy or quick. We're seeking the American remnant; that is, Americans who are ready to do the chores to restore America. If you're one of those, we look forward to helping you learn to live this new way of life called Tactical Civics™.

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Citizenship is rare in human history but essential to free government. Today, the constitutional rule of citizens in America is threatened by a new form of government, unaccountable to the people, in which power is held by a ruling class that seeks to transform our society.

In this eight-lecture course, students will examine the origins and history of citizenship in the West and the grave challenges American citizenship faces today. Topics covered in this course include: the erosion of the middle class, the disappearance of sovereign borders, the rise of tribalism, the growth of the deep state, the modern assaults on the Constitution, and the emergence of a new form of global government.

(Unreviewed; seems like it might be a good resource)